Conventional, biological and organic options


If insects – mites, caterpillars, aphids, etc. – are troubling your vegetable, fruit or flower crop, talk to the team at Fruitfed Supplies about the available control options. These can be conventional systemic or contact insecticides, or biological options such as Bacillus thuringiensis, which is used as a larvicide against a wide variety of Lepidoptera.


Our field and branch representatives receive ongoing training regarding correct product use and market guidelines. However you should also check product use with your exporter, where applicable.


Worldwide, manufacturers of crop protection products are working to develop ever-more targeted insecticides, thus reducing the likelihood of the product adversely affecting creatures other than the targeted pest insect. Fruitfed Supplies is frequently involved in the pre-launch trial work for these products through our Technical Services division. An insecticide is a pesticide used against insects in all developmental forms, and includes ovicides and larvicides used against the eggs and larvae of insects respectively. Systemic insecticides are taken up by treated plants and insects ingest the product while feeding on the plants. Contact insecticides are toxic to insects brought into direct contact. Efficacy is often related to the quality of pesticide application.


Fruitfed Supplies stocks a wide range of insecticides and many are distributed exclusively by Fruitfed Supplies - these are listed below and please note many other insecticides are available in-store. See our branch location page for contact details.





Formulation / web reference




A pheromone-based product designed to disrupt mating of codling moth in apples, pears, quinces, other pome fruits, peaches. Application methods include dispenser, puffer or flowable product for spraying



0.7 g/l Cydia pomonella granulovirus (equivalent to 3x10-13 GV/l)

A specific biological insecticide for control of codling moth

D-C-Tron NR

823 ml/l mineral oil

A highly-refined emulsifiable mineral spraying oil, designed for use alone or as an adjuvant in combination with insecticides, fungicides and herbicides. Controls  scales, mites and other pests on grapes, citrus, stone and pipfruit


D-C-Tron Plus

782 g/l paraffinic petroleum oil

A highly-refined, emulsifiable horticultural oil containing a special UV absorber to reduce the risk of phytotoxicity. Used to control of a wide range of pests on fruit trees, vegetables, ornamentals and other crops


D-C-Tron Plus Organic

823 ml/l mineral oil

ORGANIC - As for D-C-Tron Plus, but BioGro registered for use in organics. Recommended for control of greedy and latania scale on kiwifruit during the growing season, and San Jose scale, European red mites and aphids on apples, pears and stone fruit from green tip to tight cluster


Delfin WG

Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies kurstaki

ORGANIC - A biological insecticide in wettable granule form for the control of caterpillars in berry fruit, citrus, grapes. glasshouse tomatoes, kiwifruit and vegetable brassicas


500 g/kg formentanate as formentanate hydrochloride

A contact insecticide for the control of onion thrips on bulb onion crops



500 g/l clofentezine

A selective miticide for early season application to pipfruit, stonefruit, berryfruit and glasshouse grapes.  A highly active mite ovicide, with long residual activity and compatible with integrated mite control programmes


Mit é Mec


A miticide with activity against all active stages, include ovicidal control on eggs. Translaminar, not systemic, action; pools within leaves. Excellent rainfastness. Compatible with IPM programmes

Movento 100SC

100 g/l spirotetramat

A systemic insecticide for the control of apple leafcurling midge and armoured scales in apples, mealy bugs in grapes and armoured scales in kiwifruit



400 g/l fenamiphos

A nematicide/aphicide for use on carrots, kiwifruit, kumara, lucerne, tobacco, potatoes and roses



500 g/kg buprofezin

An insect growth regulator for the control of mealy bug, scales and whitefly